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We would like to help you by meeting your expectations for high quality dentistry and personalized care.  Dr. Thomas E. O’Connor, our dentist, and his team proudly offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment to our patients in St. Louis, St. Louis County, and surrounding areas.

Our Dental Implant Patients (written by Dr. Thomas E. O'Connor)

"There are three unique patient types that I feel privileged to treat.  The first is the patient who has been to the dentist office 50 times and still has multiple problems with failing dentistry, decay and gum disease.  Another is the patient who, for one reason ror another, has been unable to address a lifetime of dental issues, and the time has come when he or she is ready to move to the best long-term solution.  And finally, the patient who has lost most or all of their teeth, who has been struggling with removable appliances like partials and dentures … this person can often times have a dramatic positive change in their life with the new technology available through digital, implant-based treatment.  If you or someone you know falls into these descriptions, I can probably help.  I’ve been practicing at the same location for over 35 years.  I have great experience in all phases of restorative and implant adult dentistry, and I have been placing dental implants since 1988.  Please read some of the 200+ positive reviews from our family of satisfied customers.  Helping you to a great solution to your dental problems is what I do."

St. Louis Dentistry: Advanced Restorations and Surgical Implant Treatment

St Louis Implant Dentist

Dentistry has seen dramatic changes over the years.  New materials and techniques have given us the means to perform wonderful transformations.  We can restore areas of your smile where some or all teeth are missing with the help of dental implants.  Cosmetically, we work magic with an array of procedures to repair and replace teeth and, not incidentally, self-esteem.

Our treatments can include:

  • Teeth in a Day - nSequence Virtual Surgical Planning
  • Comprehensive Care including Extraction - Bone Grafting - Surgical Implant Placement Final Implant Crown Placement
  • Sedation
  • 3D Imaging and Digitally-based Treatment

If you are looking for the finest dentistry available, demand to see it in photos, writing, in the words of existing patients, continuing education credentials, and in one-on-one conversations. Dr. O’Connor provides exactly this information on this website and during initial consultations for patients to learn more about his services and qualifications. At our St. Louis dental office, we personally partner with you to help you get what you want.

Our Dental Implant Patients are Our Priority - Dr. O’Connor Sees Only One Patient at a Time!

The best part about being a patient at our office is feeling and looking good after improvements in dental health and aesthetics.  We guarantee that your experience will be comfortable and positive. You might even choose to watch a DVD during your dental appointment or bring your own iPOD / MP3 player. Our first priority is your comfort; your individual needs are always considered and your choices respected.

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